Payment methods

Payment methods

You can pay in the following ways:


1. By deposit in a bank account.


If you prefer bank deposit you can discount your order at one of the following banks that we work with:


National Bank:

Account Number: 194 0090 3951

IBAN: GR92 0110 1940 0000 1940 0903 951



Eurobank Bank:

Account Number: 0026 0406 9302 0060 3310

IBAN: GR54 0260 406 0000 9302 0060 3310



Piraeus Bank:

Account Number: 5116 0847 19 389

IBAN: GR8701 72 1160 00 5116 0847 19 389



Alpha Bank:

Account Number: 402 00 2002 0027 08

IBAN: GR030 140 4020 402 00 2002 0027 08



You can inform us about your deposit by phone at 2104000704 or by sending the proof of deposit by email to


For the fastest service, please indicate in the reasoning of the deposit the number of your order or the name in which the order has been registered. 


2. By credit / debit / prepaid card of all Visa or Mastercard banks.


3. Cash on Delivery (Pay for your order at the time of delivery)


Delivery of your order will be done through ACS Courier. You pay the price of your order to the transport clerk who will deliver your order.


The cost of cash on delivery has an additional charge of € 2.50.


Note: According to the current tax provisions, documents worth more than € 500 to individuals (Retail Receipt) and documents worth more than € 500 to professionals / Sales (Sales Invoice) must be paid by deposit in a bank account, credit / debit / prepaid card or via Paypal.


4. Via Paypal


Paypal is one of the most popular and secure payment methods in the world. If you already have a paypal account and choose it as a payment method upon completion of your order you will be taken to a secure PayPal environment to enter your details.


5. Payment at the store (only for collection from the store)


In case you wish to receive your products from our store you can pay at the time of receipt without any additional charge with cash, credit / debit / prepaid card (excluding American Express and Diners). The availability of a product in the online store does NOT automatically mean that it is also available in the physical store. This means that if you want to make a purchase or see a product live, it would be a good idea to call or order before you visit us.

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